Broadbay Medical Practice

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Cancel a prescription

You can cancel a medication request you have made through Patient Access, as long as the request is still in progress and hasn’t already been accepted or rejected. 

If you would like to cancel a medication request, follow the steps below. You can also view a Patient Access video tutorial on how to cancel a medication request here

  1. Access Repeat Medication on the dashboard.
  2. Select Requests.
    The Requests section of Repeat Medication
  3. Select the pending request in question. 
  4. Select Cancel Request.
  5. Add a reason for the cancellation, then select Confirm cancellation.  
    The request is cancelled. 


Help train the doctors of the future

We have a Medical Student with us until 22 October 2021. Medical School students have the patient’s perspective at the centre of their medical training. Students are supervised at all times by  a health care professional – usually a doctor. By supporting their training programme you are helping our students to become better patient-centred doctors of the future.

If you have any concerns about being seen by a student, please contact a member of staff.