Broadbay Medical Practice

16 Francis Street, Stornoway, HS1 2XB
Tel: 01851 703588

Clinics and services

Clinics and service provision

At Broadbay Medical Practice we offer clinics with a wide range of GPs, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Practice Nurses and Healthcare Assistants to offer many different services.

Many of our clinics are nurse led, and include:

• Asthma Clinic

• Heart Disease

• Stroke and TIA

• High Blood Pressure

• Cervical Smear

• Diabetes Clinic

• Travel Advice

• COPD Clinic

Primary Care Pharmacist

The Practice has 3 Primary Care Pharmacists who work remotely and carry out Medication reviews, Prescription requests and review hospital discharge letters.

Telephone consultations

Due to COVID-19 our doctors, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Pharmacists and Practice Nurses are now carrying out appointments over the phone.

Appointment reminder service

The practice will remind you of any appointments via text message. For more information please speak with reception.

Travel advice and immunisations

Please book an appointment with one of the nurses for any immunisations required for travel. You can also obtain travel advice from our leaflet library in reception.


Help train the doctors of the future

Medical School students have the patient’s perspective at the centre of their medical training. By supporting their training programme you are helping our students to become better patient centred doctors of the future.

If you have any concerns about being seen by a student, please contact a member of staff.